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The Gift of Music!

Music permeates our memories and experiences of the holidays. Just imagine Christmas without music! You can't, can you? So much of what occurs related to our celebration of Christmas involves singing and playing of carols and hymns. From Deck the Halls to Silent Night, we find ourselves celebrating as we sing and attending incredible performances of music such as the Messiah, Christmas cantatas, and children programs.

Every year Christmas seems to begin even earlier than the year before. Shops begin decorating and playing Christmas music even before the pumpkins go on sale. A likely cause beyond mere commercialism is our love of the music of the season. Perhaps, this year, that music might just inspire you to spend less time battling the Black Friday crowds and surfing the web for that steal of a deal. Consider a gift that is an investment in so much more than one single holiday celebration. Give the gift of music lessons! Imagine the impact such a thoughtful gift could have on the life of someone you love.

Reach out to Dr. McQuade TODAY to discuss just how you might delight the recipient of such a gift. Private voice and piano lessons along with audition and pageant preparation are currently available. Help someone you love start or continue growing their own artistic passion this Christmas!

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