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Online Voice Lessons?

Did you even know that was a thing? How in the world do you take voice lessons ONLINE and why would you? What better questions to tackle as we launch our Techie Tuesday series at!

Online lessons are increasingly popular as people seek not only convenience but also the opportunity to study where they want and with whom they want. While face-to-face lessons have distinct advantages, they aren't always convenient or practical. Taking online lessons allows the student to be in the most comfortable location for them. It also provides students with the opportunity to study with the teacher that best suits them regardless of the location of either student or teacher. Perhaps the selection of teachers in your area doesn't meet your needs or you've connected with a teacher who doesn't live near you. Online lessons can also save time and money as there is no need to travel on a weekly basis to and from the lesson.

Of course, online lessons depend upon technology! You must have a reliable internet connection along with a computer or tablet equipped with a webcam. Determine the interface used by your chosen teacher (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Lesson Face) and set up an account in order to connect.

Adjusting to the accompanying process due to the delay that comes with an online interface is likely the most significant challenge in online lessons. Technology does come with the need for creativity when it comes to dealing with time delays. Students can use pre-recorded accompaniments sent to them by their teacher in mp3 format. YouTube accompaniments have also become increasingly popular options. There are many other ways to deal with the accompaniment issue but as long as you and the accompaniment are in the same location, the teacher can hear the ensemble just fine! There are also advantages to NOT having your teacher playing your accompaniments for you! With a computer or tablet screen directly in front of a teacher, YOU get the teacher's FULL attention!

Interested in exploring the possibility of taking online lessons? Reach out to Dr. McQuade today to begin the process!

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