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"Dr. McQuade is not just a teacher. She is a friend, a mentor, and an incredible role model. Dr. McQuade not only focuses on how to bring out the best in your voice, but she also takes the time to get to know you personally, relate to your struggles, and put herself in your shoes. She is always patient, encouraging, and kind. My time with Dr. McQuade is precious, and she somehow knows just the right thing to say to help things “click.” If you are looking for someone to bring out a side of your voice you never thought possible, Dr. McQuade is the teacher for you. Not only will you be getting incredible vocal training, you will be gaining a life-long support system and smiling face whenever you need her."

Haley Aguero

current student

Valdosta, Georgia

Haley Aguero performance photo .JPG

"There are many words that can be used to describe Dr. McQuade but the one at the forefront is encourager!  She is a true advocate for achievement and growth.  Dr. McQuade immediately gained my daughter's trust by helping her to build her confidence as a performer while safely expanding her vocal range.  She helped my daughter excel not only with her technical ability but also with her belief in herself which she will carry with her through every venture her life holds.


As a mother, I would strongly encourage any parent to not walk, but run to private vocal lessons with Dr. McQuade; Valdosta is incredibly fortunate to have her in our community."

Lang Smotherman

Mother of current student, Allie Smotherman

"Ethan loves receiving instruction from Dr. McQuade.  She challenges him every week to become a better piano player and fully develop his talents.  As a parent, we have not only seen a marked improvement in Ethan's ability to play the piano, but also in his enjoyment of playing!"

Dan and Tara Radulski

Parents of current student, Ethan Radulski

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"Dr. McQuade is the total package.  Well qualified academically and musically, a true teacher at heart, experienced in diverse musical settings, high energy, totally dedicated, and readily able to connect with students."

Paul Langford

Chicago-based freelance producer / arranger / orchestrator / singer / keyboardist / clinician


"Jennifer is one of the most talented sopranos with whom I have ever worked.  Her commitment to the music and the production process is unmatched. I enjoyed her stage presence and the grace with which she portrayed the role of Gilda.  Her instrument is effortless!  Her 'Caro nome' was one of the best I've ever heard.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to share the stage with her once again."

Michael Preacely

Professional Baritone

Sarah Harper testimonial

"During my four years studying with Dr. McQuade, I worked HARD. She helped guide me towards excellence through her high expectations, challenging repertoire, and constant encouragement. In her teaching, she maintains a healthy balance of encouragement and constructive criticism. She pushes her students to never settle for less than their best, and is not afraid to say when she knows they can do better. However, I have never once doubted that she was on my team and that even when I fell down, she would be there to help me get back up. She is the reason I can confidently sing high E's like nobody's business. She is the reason I am where I am today--because she saw something in me that no one else did. I owe so much to the teaching and guidance of Dr. McQuade in the early stages of my musical endeavor and today."

Sarah Harper

former student

Doctorate of Musical Arts, University of Memphis

Professor of Modern Music / Voice, Visible Music College

Joanie Pullen testimonial

"Dr. McQuade impacted my daughter first by nurturing her. She took time to get to know my daughter so then she trusted Dr. McQuade and her voice responded in kind. She excelled as a singer and grew in confidence.  My daughter was so excited about her singing and what she learned under Dr. McQuade's tutelage. She was given many performance opportunities and flourished during this time."

Joanie Pullen

mother of former student, Jill Pullen

Programs Manager, Canterbury Voices

Oklahoma City, OK

"Dr. McQuade’s approach to teaching was distinct in that the curriculum was tailored to help me achieve my personal goals as a musician while introducing me to classical vocal pedagogy. We explored a broad range of techniques and exercises and her feedback was always honest and insightful. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is contagious and I have no doubt that our time together continues to positively influence my artistic endeavors."

Lucas Simmons

former student

Masters of Fine Arts in Art

University of Oklahoma, 2017

Instructor of Art, Oklahoma Baptist University

Lucas Simmons testimonial

"Whenever you enroll in the Valdosta Academy of Performing Arts you are investing in much more than music lessons. Learning to artfully sing and play are skills that last for a lifetime. As a general music teacher I am always on the lookout for quality studios to refer students to. I would highly recommend Dr. McQuade because I know she would take great care to nurture their young voices, provide a foundational vocal technique, and choose repertoire that is age appropriate and fun! By working with Dr. McQuade you should expect to experience music making in a way that is joy filled and challenges you to be your very best."

Ashlynn Dickinson

former student

Music Teacher for Norman Public Schools

Norman, Oklahoma

Ashlynn Dickinson testimonial
Christin Clark testimonial

"A student-teacher relationship is one that can never be replaced. A good teacher is like a daily devotional - helping you to grow, discover your self-worth and passing onto you the ability to mentor others. Dr. McQuade was my rock for two brief years, and despite the inner turmoil I faced in my musical career, she never allowed her own ambition to see me succeed in music, surpass her desire to see me fulfilled in life. That for me, is what makes her an impeccable and irreplaceable teacher."

Christin Clark

former student

Marketing Assistant


Nashville, Tennessee

"Dr. McQuade has experience in performing opera and musical theatre which allows her to encompass many different teaching styles into her lessons. She knows how to carefully sculpt your lesson to personally fit you and your wants and needs. As a student of Dr. McQuade, I can attest to her incredible work ethic and support as a teacher of voice."

J'Kobe Wallace

former student

Bachelors of Music Education, Minot State University

North Dakota

J'Kobe Wallace testimonial
Kaylee Capp testimonial

"I remember the first time I saw Dr. McQuade perform. She was The Queen of the Night in the opera The Magic Flute. When she sang her big solo, my jaw dropped; I was so impressed. I leaned over to my brother, continuously poked him, and whispered, 'that’s my teacher. I’m going to be learning from her! HER!'.  She would pour every ounce of her being into each song to portray the emotions felt by the character and she did it so perfectly. Her dedication to singing is so admirable and inspires me to better myself as a performer. I want to kindle the kind of passionate flame she has for music and nurture it to grow."

Kaylee Capp

former student

Bachelors of Music Education, Minot State University

North Dakota

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"Dr. McQuade greatly improved my technique. I have no difficulty feeling a song and capturing meaning, but my technique often suffers. She helped me meld the two to create better performances and better music."

Brayden Lans


Half Step (high school music program)

Fort Collins, Colorado

"Jennifer McQuade is a unique breed of elegance and coloratura soprano all rolled up into one radiant package.  Her voice is full of resplendent grace and flexibility that bursts forth from the stage and the spirit in which she sings seems to flow from a fathomless well hidden somewhere deep in her soul.  It was a pleasure to work with her during our Magic Flute production.  While she convincingly portrayed an evil and wickedly mean Queen of the Night on-stage she was quite the opposite off-stage.   Her laughter, genuine concern for her colleagues and positive spirit were infectious during our rehearsals and performances.  I loved watching her from the wings of the stage as she performed.  Her vocal endurance was most remarkable.  I have never witnessed a coloratura sing all of the arias morning, afternoon and evening – all in the same day.  It was most impressive."

George Hogan

Voice Professional

Professional Singer

Click to learn more about Mr. Hogan's professional career.

George Hogan testimonial

"Jennifer played a superb Gilda, she was believable as Gilda throughout the whole opera. Jennifer looked wonderful onstage and her voice was expressive and beautiful. At the same time Jennifer proved to be a great colleague on stage, she was supportive, engaging and committed to the drama. She made me feel comfortable in the most demanding moments of our duet."

David Guzman

Professional Tenor

David Guzman testimonial
Jill Pullen testimonial

"During the year I studied with Dr. McQuade I learned more than I ever could have imagined. My voice matured and grew immensely. I also grew in confidence as a student, musician, and future teacher.  Dr. McQuade took time to get to know me, and understand the way I learned.  Then she was able to teach me in the way I would flourish as a singer.  Her approach was to nurture, encourage, and build up.  Dr. McQuade always spoke the truth in love, whether it was something I did well or something I needed to improve."

Jill Pullen

former student

Bachelors of Music Education, Oklahoma Baptist University

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