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A Passion for Excellence

Dr. McQuade’s former students are able to build on the foundation that she provides: one that is nurturing and challenging while instilling both the technique and passion needed to excel as a musician. Sarah Harper has experienced great success since her four-year stint as Dr. McQuade’s student during her undergraduate studies in vocal performance. She completed a Masters in Voice Performance / Opera from Baylor University. Sarah is currently a candidate for the Doctorate of Musical Arts in voice performance at the University of Memphis where she holds a full graduate assistantship which includes opera performances and teaching music appreciation courses. She previously served as adjunct professor of voice at Navarro College in Texas and taught voice at Midway High School in Waco, Texas.

Here's what Sarah has to say about studying with Dr. McQuade:

“Dr. McQuade is not only a excellent voice teacher, but also a wonderful mentor and friend. I met Dr. McQuade the summer before my freshman year in college, and after one sample lesson, I knew that I wanted to study with her. She not only has a passion for excellence in her own performance, but is also passionate about guiding students in their own musical craft. Next to God and her family, her students are her first priority. To say that she invests in her students could not be more of an understatement. Although I have had other voice teachers since studying with Dr. McQuade, she is unique in that she genuinely cares for her students. If you study with Dr. McQuade, you will not only become a better singer, but also a better human being.”

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