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Cinderella Meets Cendrillon in Sweden!

This morning Dr. Jennifer McQuade joined her colleagues, Dr. Allen Henderson (Professor of Voice at Georgia Southern University and Executive Director of NATS), Dr. David Sisco (Professor of Voice at Marymount Manhattan College), and Dr. Mark McQuade (Assistant Professor of Voice at Valdosta State University) in presenting their research and leading a Round Table Discussion at the ninth International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT) in Stockholm, Sweden. Their topic, “Cinderella Meets Cendrillon: Musical Theatre & Opera Living Under the Same Roof” drew a great crowd and lively discussion.

The confluence of opera and musical theatre may indeed signal the start of a new era in and for opera companies. Their discussion and continued research focuses on the many questions that arise from the cohabitation of these two art forms.

In addition to being the Founding Director of the Valdosta Academy of Performing Arts, Dr. McQuade is herself an active performer in both musical theatre and opera. This provides her an ideal platform from which to address such a topic. Her particular analysis focuses on the musical theatre composers and works that have been most prevalently performed in opera houses during the past four seasons along with a comparison of the potentially differing preferences between European and American companies. Interesting trends are emerging, as Leonard Bernstein and his West Side Story are strong favorites especially in Europe. Stephen Sondheim and Jerry Bock are also preferred composers with Sweeny Todd and Fiddler on the Roof seeing significant attention. Rounding out the top four composers is Richard Rodgers with numerous of his classic works being performed.

Congratulations to the Drs. McQuade, Dr. Henderson, and Dr. Sisco on their successful work and presentation on this international stage. The US and Georgia were well represented.

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