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Risk and Reward in the Studio and Beyond…

Formal voice lessons are of benefit to anyone who chooses to take them. A student need not be planning a career in the arts to find fulfillment in taking voice lessons. Learning proper technique for the singing voice has transferability to the speaking voice. Often those who use their speaking voice in their careers do not use them properly resulting in vocal fatigue. Voice lessons also benefit the recipient through increased body awareness. Confidence is built as students place themselves in the formal study of singing. Voice lessons will open new avenues of opportunity to engage in community and the arts.

While taking voice lessons can feel like an extremely vulnerable thing, the benefits are well worth the risk taken. Yet that vulnerability necessitates choosing a teacher well. Dr. McQuade is not only a highly skilled teacher but also an empathetic and relational one. Students can feel confident that they are studying with a teacher who knows her craft well and is willing to offer the challenge needed to experience improvement. However, Dr. McQuade creates a safe space to be vulnerable; to try new techniques; to fail; and to learn. Her approach is holistic and individualized.

A number of her former students work professionally in areas other than the arts. Yet, they find their study of voice with Dr. McQuade has been and continues to be of great benefit to them. And, that benefit extends far outside the studio to students’ own personal lives. Learn more below:

Christin Clark (marketing professional):

A student-teacher relationship is one that can never be replaced. A good teacher is like a daily devotional - helping you to grow; discover your self-worth; and passing onto you the ability to mentor others. Dr. McQuade was my rock for two brief years, and despite the inner turmoil I faced in my musical career, she never allowed her own ambition to see me succeed in music, surpass her desire to see me fulfilled in life. That is what makes her an impeccable and irreplaceable teacher.

Brayden Lans (mental health professional):

She is NOT boring and easily one of the most engaging people with whom I’ve worked! She brings a unique energy to rehearsals and lessons without sacrificing excellent instruction. She also plays to a musician's strengths and is so in tune with you as a person. Dr. McQuade is an excellent mix of professionalism and down-to-earth directing/teaching. She always engaged with me outside the classroom and pushed me inside the classroom. I felt like I could talk to her about anything and she would provide a listening ear. She was an excellent mentor both inside and outside the classroom.

Lucas Simmons (artist):

Dr. McQuade’s approach to teaching was distinct in that the curriculum was tailored to help me achieve my personal goals as a musician while introducing me to classical vocal pedagogy. We explored a broad range of techniques and exercises and her feedback was always honest and insightful. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is contagious and I have no doubt that our time together continues to positively influence my artistic endeavors.

Elizabeth Colby (banker):

Dr. McQuade understands that performing is an all-encompassing art/skill. It is more than just one aspect. Dr. McQuade recognizes that the performing arts are more than just technique. She recognizes that no two students are alike…no two individuals think, process information or respond the same and, therefore, she doesn’t try to use a one size fits all approach. She takes the time to get to know her students on a personal level so that she can understand how/why certain things may be impacting a student’s session. Dr. McQuade encourages overall well being for her students. She helps her students recognize and get past mental roadblocks that are impacting a student’s skill/technique. She encourages and introduces exercises to facilitate a stronger core support system.

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