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From the Stage to the Studio...

Dr. McQuade shared the stage with professional tenor, David Guzman, and professional baritone, Michael Preacely, in a 2016 production of Verdi’s Rigoletto. Not only do her students rave about studying with her, her colleagues are exuberant about their experiences performing with her. She is a highly skilled teacher who brings her performance experience to the studio to the tremendous benefit of her students.

Read more below from her Rigoletto co-stars regarding their assessment of her performance and collegiality:

David Guzman:

“I had the pleasure of singing with Dr. Jennifer McQuade in Rigoletto. Jennifer played Gilda (Rigoletto’s daughter) a beautiful young girl, and I played the Duke of Mantua, a womanizer that seduces Gilda and betrays her at the same time. Jennifer played a superb Gilda and was believable as Gilda throughout the whole opera. Jennifer looked wonderful onstage and her voice was expressive and beautiful. At the same time Jennifer proved to be a great colleague on stage, she was supportive, engaging and committed to the drama. She made me feel comfortable in the most demanding moments of our duet.

I also enjoyed our rehearsal period because she was a team player, knew her music perfectly and was willing to try different approaches in any given scene, which facilitates the improvement and enjoyment in the staging rehearsals.”

Michael Preacely:

“Jennifer is one of the most talented sopranos with whom I have ever worked. Her commitment to the music and the production process is unmatched. I enjoyed her stage presence and the grace with which she portrayed the role of Gilda. Her instrument is effortless! Her "Caro nome" was one of the best I've ever heard. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to share the stage with her once again.”

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